September 2023 Leader of the Month - Coach Simon Kuczkowski

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Meet Simon, a former Advantage Kids participant, volunteer and now an invaluable coach. He is always willing to step up and help with his insightful advice and compassion.

His efforts have been rewarded by working with the Advantage Kids CASA - College Advisory Services of America founder, Dr. Robert Ronstadt who volunteers his time to find the right school for our kids. Through his guidance, Simon has accepted a scholarship to the Tilton School and will play on their tennis team.

Go Simon!

Here is what Simon has to say:

Why I care about advantage kids and what they offer to underserved youth:
I was 11 when I first went to an Advantage Kids program, and once I went for the first time, I never failed to come back. I care so much about Advantage Kids since I’ve had first hand experience with what they offer to underserved youth, as I was one of them.
They introduced me to the amazing sport of tennis and I loved it so much that I ended up coaching for their programs. Once I became a coach for Advantage Kids I immediately began to see the impact which we have on the children. I got the opportunities to be a young role model to many of the children, playing with them, having fun with them, and introducing them to tennis just as the head coach had once done for me. I hope to inspire as many kids as possible while getting them into a fun sport with their friends. A sport which will last a lifetime, one that will keep them happy and healthy. 

Advantage Kids is blessed to have Coach Simon on our team!