Oziera Ahmad's Impactful Start at the College of Charleston

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Oziera Ahmad, a freshman at the College of Charleston and a dedicated Ambassador for Advantage Kids (AK), has already made a significant mark by being named Player of the Week in her first season. This accolade, rare for a freshman, reflects the strong foundation and support system she built during her time with AK.

"Advantage Kids was more than a program; it was a community that stood by me," Oziera shares. Her journey with AK, from a young adolescent to a college athlete, underscores the importance of nurturing environments in shaping future leaders.

Oziera's early success at college and her enduring relationship with AK illustrate the lasting impact of community support and the potential for young individuals to achieve great things when they're given the right opportunities and encouragement.

The sport of tennis has been rated highest for youth to do better academically, be less likely to utilize substances and more likely to attend college. Science has proven the profound effect that mindfulness practices have on children’s abilities to connect with self and others, focus on tasks and to self-regulate emotions.This winning combination gives our kids an advantage on the court, in the classroom and with life! Not to mention the fact that the program is at low to no cost, it is a score for the parents, too!

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