Oziera accepts a full-ride D1 scholarship to the College of Charleston

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Congratulation to Advantage Kids Excellence Player, Oziera Ahmad! She has worked hard on her tennis AND academics resulting in an offer and acceptance for a full-ride D1 scholarship to the College of Charleston!

The journey hasn't always been easy, but Oziera triumphed like a true champion. Her talent and commitment awarded her top USTA and UTR rankings playing both nationally and internationally. We know this is no easy feat! Imagine working so hard on these tennis achievements while balancing virtual High School. She did it though, while maintaining a GPA of 3.97. She is smart, diligent and maintained her focus to realize her dreams of attending university.

Oziera expresses her heartfelt thanks "I am so so excited to announce my commitment to play D1 tennis at the College of Charleston!!
I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get here and for everything you guys have done. The people from Advantage Kids, Dawn Dragon and Tim James. I will never stop appreciating you guys so much for the endless love and support you both give me ever since I have met you. You brought my tennis dreams to life and I will always be an Ambassador for Advantage Kids. Coach Phil and Coach Laury, thank you guys so much for supporting me as well. I will always be coming back to visit and do some training at Longfellow. Also, thank you to the coaches at GTP for taking me in as well.
All the support has gotten me to be the best I could possibly be, on and off the court. And finally, thank you to may amazing parents for going through this entire process my entire life. My mom for being the biggest support system and always being proud no matter what, and my dad who everyone knows is the most caring and hardest working father I could've ever asked for.
Thank you so much to everyone!! Go Cougars!!"

Advantage Kids and Oziera give special thanks to our dedicated volunteers Petrice Ranno and Jolie Hassler from Gilford who have helped to keep her focused and disciplined with her academics. These folks helped to make Oziera's dreams possible!

We are all SO PROUD of YOU!!!