Mindful Moment - Yogi Becky Tames the Lions

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"Hearing pre-teens 'om' and roar like lions is probably my new favorite thing ever," she texted after a particularly fun yoga session in Gilford. Yogi Becky has a lot of experience working with kids, but this is her first time teaching children's yoga.

"I love them so much!" she went on to say, sharing that week's notes from the tennis + yoga sessions. “We tried different animals and did lion, cat, something like tiger that I found . . . but one kid started [messing around] so I said ‘nope that’s not what we’re doing’ and switched it up.

“He messes around A LOT and I just have to keep connecting with him. But he did Lion’s Pose and ‘Om,’ so big win there!”

On a different day, Becky played our famous “Story or Pose” game a little differently. Instead of using the cards with yoga poses and story prompts, the kids made up their own version.

They made up challenges for each other in the categories of strength, balance, and flexibility. Becky helped them stay on track, even when they invented their own poses.

“This one girl came up to my mat to demonstrate and then went around to help teach it to anyone who was struggling or needed encouragement. 

“It was so amazing to see how she took on the teacher role and to see them all be so respectful to each other! It was awesome.”