Brett Johnson, Varsity Player at 13

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Brett Johnson - a 13 year old who has participated in Advantage Kids Free! Tennis the last couple of years -   from Moultonborough was  chosen to play on the Varsity Tennis team at Moultonborough Academy (MA). He chose this over baseball this spring after AK Coach Susan Connolly “had encouraged him to play tennis when she told him he had talent” according to his mom, Kim Kett Johnson - who called during his match to thank Susan! 

Paula Spencer, MA Varsity Tennis coach, says it was a tough year for tennis due to covid, on top of the entire varsity tennis team having graduated in 2019. Brett came out for the middle school team, and the coach and athletic director petitioned the NHIAA for Brett to play up. Brett was the only 7th grader who was chosen to play on the varsity team.

Brett came in prepared, enthusiastic and dedicated to the game.  His coach felt like she could rely on him and he was solid.  He really takes instruction well.  He showed leadership and modeled proper tennis etiquette by showing new players the game and rules.

He won 63 games over the season.  He was the highest scorer for the team! Although the other team players played at a higher level, Brett really shined.  He was the only winner from MA at  the end of year NHIAA singles and doubles (partner Riley Haskins-8th grade) tournament against Gilford!

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