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You might remember her from our Tennis-at-Home videos during quarantine! Oziera is an Excellence Player who is also a volunteer and ambassador for Advantage Kids - and she's going places.

Not only is she ranked #2 in New England for her age group, she is nationally ranked #120! She has countless trophies and tournament wins, and has a shot at the Big Time. We all agree.

Last week, Oziera was invited to Greensboro, North Carolina, to spend four days training at the Greensboro Tennis Program with their Excellence Team. It went so well that she has accepted their invitation to live and train down in Greensboro for at least the next year!

We expect this to turn into one of those . . . big once-in-a-lifetime moments. She's a first generation Malaysian American ranked #2 in New England 16 Division. She's a big deal, and she has a lot of people cheering for her. Laury Hammel, her coach, the club owner up here, Advantage Kids, the USTA Excellence Player program, and of course, all of us, personally.

After just four days in Greensboro, she made quite the impression. The director down there said, “She’s a sweet girl, goes about her business, gets along with everyone,” and added that “she got stronger every day she was here!”

Oziera and her family are thrilled, and her move is already booked for this coming Thursday. So if you know her in real life, it’s time to say a goodbye-for-now as she packs her bags.

We are so thankful for those who have supported her journey. She is extremely grateful in a pay-it-forward kind of way, volunteering as an ambassador for us and on the courts every week. She's the kind of young woman we all aspire to be.

Advantage Kids took Oziera on as an ambassador and helped her make the connection with Greensboro, and we have offered some financial assistance as well. This is absolutely a team effort, and we are honored to be on that team.

Her coach, Laury, said, “Thank you. I’m inspired and grateful.”

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